suckerlove (lady_pixie) wrote in thekhsgeekposse,

Just a point....

Righto, this is your friendly community mod here, and i've decided it's about time to set down a rule here.


Please. For the love of whatever you chose to worship. This is a school based community, so can we extend the learning to here, right?

I know not all of us have the best english skills, so i'm not going to go completely Nazi, but i'd just like to see a lot less 'u' instead of 'you', etc (seriously.... it's two extra letters... the effort of typing two extra letters is NOT going to kill you).

And use 's' to pluralise instead of 'z', okay?

If it's a genuine typo, it's okay, but this is a LIVEJOURNAL COMMUNITY. We've all plenty of time to write an entry, it's not like chatting where one is trying to type at a million miles per second to get the point across. So if there's time to think about what one wants to put in the entry, there's time to put in the little extra effort to make it a bit more coherant for the rest of us ;)

Thank you for your time :D
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