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wow, it has been a year since i was last at KHS... seems so long! I work for holdens.. as many of you probably know :P and typing this letter is annoying because following tess' rules.. i must type a hell of a lot different.. i have used "Weblish" for so long now.. i went to TAFE, and couldnt be bothered with it, and droping out of TAFE was the best thing i ever did! because i am now working in holdens. getting more money than most UNI students will.. well anyway.. i guess you know who i am... if not.. ASK :P
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Hehe, okay, who are you? ^^
I don't think you ever met him... and if you did, it would have only been briefly...


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well, erm.. thankyou kayla.. i am a bit wierd aye ;) and yeah.. she never met me ;) and um.. yeah :P

*leaves promptly*


December 23 2004, 14:30:29 UTC 12 years ago

She is lucky she didn't meet Ryan! *Shudders* I wish i never did, you are a looser and always will be. *Says that to Ryan, if he ever reads this post*

Sorry to anyone that likes Ryan and that is Friends with him.

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whats this? someone sticking up for lil ol me? aww how sweet :p

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oh.. pfft! of course not.. nobody could ever intentionally stick up for me ;) I should have know better