suckerlove (lady_pixie) wrote in thekhsgeekposse,

AvCon (x-posted like a xxx porn star)

In regards to this post, who is planning on going to AvCon on the 16th and 17th of July?

Who's planning on cosplaying?

And if you're cosplaying, who are you planning on going as? I've finally made up my mind and decided to go as FF7 Advent Children's Tifa, and think I have an AC Yuffie to come with me

Hope to see you all there!
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Of course you know I'll be going, I'm not going to miss it another year! I will also be cosplaying as Crim The Red Thunder from .hack//SIGN as many of you already know. Especially seems I roleplay as him. I want to get some good photos to show my fellow roleplayers. Thanks for helping me find those hakama designs Tess. I will hopefully be able to make his costume now.
eheheh...xD the Yuffie costume seems a little tricky, though I did find a suit jacket...might end up going AC Turk-style! Considering my current Reno obsession =P