Kurai Tamasii (kurai_tamasii) wrote in thekhsgeekposse,
Kurai Tamasii

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I am pissed off with my Yr 12 Jacket!!!

Has anyone else tried washing the new jackets? It cost me $75 out of my own pocket and it says only to hand wash it and still doing that caused me to have big blotches of purple dye all over the white parts. It shouldn't have even been that white in the first place. White doesn't absorb heat. Isn't that what we wanted the jackets to do? So we're not freezing cold because of a school that can't even afford proper heating. Why couldn't it be pretty much all navy blue? Well mine might be that colour by the time school gets back. Which reminds me I haven't done any of my assignments. Two weeks is not a long enough holiday! I can tell I'm going to rush all of them next week.
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