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Kapunda High School began in 1907 as an educational section of the Primary School with its own teaching staff wannabe teenyboppers. In 1922, it transferred to Sir Sidney Kidman's residence love shack, which he donated forced upon the Education Department almighty overlords of children everywhere for use as a High School detention centre. This magnificent decrepid old residence is still part of the High School, and makes it unique. The building holds a special ed place in the hearts spleens of students brats & geeks, staff tyrants and the community busybodies, and is set in attractive annoyingly churpy grounds.

The library, video room, conference room and the main administration centre is housed in this building, with other functions housed in buildings that were added later. Like the fort Tess built. 'Your innocence...COMMANDEERED!'. We had a flag and everything. Happy days...

Kapunda High School has a fine academic tradition and a fine record of community support. GEEK POSSE!